A Humble Appeal

Dear Well-Wishers,

Ramakrishna Mission Ashram Taki is located, at the remote part of North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, in close proximity to the border area (with Bangladesh) of Sunderbans, the home of the Bengal Tiger. It is also the gateway to the magnificent mangrove forests of Sundarbans. Our Ashrama at Taki, is a Branch Centre of the Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math.

We run one Primary School and a High School where four hundred and six hundred fifty students are taught respectively. Besides the schools, our activities also center on a Hostel, where around 100 students can stay and pursue their schooling. These students come mainly from the most backward and under privileged sections of the Sundarban area, and the parents of these poor children are today not in a position to pay even the monthly nominal Hostel fees timely and are desperately in need of some urgent financial help.

Besides education, we conduct welfare activities to support the poor, the needy and the extremely downtrodden persons.

The RK Mission has nearly exhausted its allotted resources and today stood in this unfortunate situation where it has to decline such financial help beyond a point. The disappointed parents simply swallow their tears and go away empty-handed, seeing how helpless we are in this regard. But the thirst for education for their wards is such that not a single parent has till date wanted their child back home, and thus lifts our spirits immensely making us sad.

The hostel buildings where students are housed are in a highly dilapidated condition, and require urgent repairs. Worn out electrical wirings should be replaced immediately. A 15 KVA Generator is needed to replace an old 5 KVA Generator.

The students, who are generally in frail health, often fall sick and there is no medical facility nearby. Only a few goods Carrying cycle vans operate in this area, and people have no choice but to share this meager facility for all purposes of transportation in all weather conditions. As a result, it becomes extremely difficult to admit critical student to even nearby doctor’s chamber. So a small vehicle is urgently required for carrying such critical student patients to the medical centre.

No good drinking water facility is available in the school campus, as only a few tube-wells are the only source of water supply; needless to add, such tube-well water is very high in iron content and can be injurious to the health of a growing child.

The School campus is spread over an area of three acres, and no intercom telephone system is installed in this education hub, creating a lot of disturbance when there is a need to communicate between departments.

We require raising a Fund of Rs.60.00000 (sixty) lakhs to solve above those problems.

Kind hearted donors are requested to contribute their might in our noble deeds. Your contribution will be exempted from paying of income Tax as we shall be able to provide you 80G income Tax exemption Certificate.